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Barley Pea Soup Recipe

July 13, 2012

Even fancy grocery stores have humble, bargain ingredients.    Case in point, smoked ham hocks were on special at our local Gelson’s, where the parking lot is littered with high end cars.    Apparently, even the staff has swanky rides.

Barley Pea Soup Recipe: The ham and veggie base, browning nicely.
The ham and veggie base, browning nicely.

Today I made Barley Pea Soup, and the house already smells amazing.    I sauteed half a chopped red onion, a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley and 5 whole garlic cloves in olive oil, then browned the ham hocks on both sides. Then I added a 16 ounce package of a mix of of yellow and green split peas, white rice, barley and pasta pearls.  8 cups of water went on top, with a healthy couple of tablespoons of good bouillon paste (not the dry stuff in the cubes).   I brought it all to a boil and gave it a stir.  This will simmer all afternoon (with a lid on) until the ham falls off the bone.   If it’s hot out and you want a cozy feeling while you eat the soup, turn the a.c. up.  That’s what we do. 🙂